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Welcome to TR-Masternodes

Imagine a global community that works together in perfect harmony and synergy to achieve financial freedom. Welcome to TR-Masternodes, the world’s first decentralized bitcoin shared masternodes platform.

Masternodes are the future of cryptocurrency. They are just like Bitcoin miners, but without the massive environmental cost. Instead of requiring computers to solve complex mathematical problems in order to participate in the mining rewards of the blockchain, a "stake" of coins is put up as collateral for a server to be able to participate on the blockchain. This type of miner is called a Masternode.

The TR-Masternodes platform envisions a future where anyone can easily purchase masternodes and participate in the blockchain rewards just as simply as buying stocks online.

TR-Masternodes is here to provide an easy turn-key solution for masternode deployment in a few clicks or less. Masternodes are currently another true way of earning passive income 24/7 365 in crypto currencies without purchasing physical hardware, however it takes technologically advanced knowledge to set up a masternode.

Our vision at TR-MasterNodes is to make it so easy to earn passive income from this new concept that anyone can do it.

Simplifying the World of Masternodes, for our Team Members

TR-Masternodes makes it easier for those interested in owning a masternode to do so. The system takes care of everything automatically, letting you send your investment in just a few clicks so you can begin earning passive income 24/7 365. With our TR-Masternodes opportunity it is possible to own a full masternode or a share of a masternode, which makes investing in masternodes more accessible. The system has multiple security measures in place and was designed to be straightforward to use.

If you understand how to send a transaction in crypto, you can set one up. Our secure and simple platform provides investors unique tools such as a seamless Masternode management dashboard, shared Masternode services, a masternode marketplace and a customizable auto-profit conversion tool to use for any of their Masternodes.

Never worry about missing income due to downtime or incorrectly configured software. Just earn and enjoy!

We’re led by an experienced team of masternodes engineers, and digital strategists. As a community of crypto investors, the original concept was driven simply by frustrations with the fragmented landscape. Wanting to ease the complexity of running a masternode, we sought to equip out team members with the ability to be involved in this cutting edge technology, by providing technological data and feasibility study to any level of user while avoiding the steep learning curve of masternodes and cryptocurrency.