Disclaimer: Please read this first

TR-Masternodes is only offered to all Pro Members of Tornado Rising. What we offer you is the opportunity to earn daily, weekly and monthly incomes from our very own TR-Marsternodes staking pool and shared masternode services, and we’re happy to provide this service to you to maximize your income stream. We research the coins and projects we add to our TR-Masternodes team platform by contacting the coin teams associated with each project to minimize the potential of loss. However, all your investments you make are solely at your own discretion. Please always follow the iron rule of investment: don’t invest more than you can easily afford to lose.

1. Is there a fee to join?

The only requirements to join TR-Masternodes platform is becoming a pro member of Tornado Rising with a onetime payment of $35.00

2. Is there a minimum amount of coins per deposit?

Yes, each masternode has a minimum number of coins allowed to participate, you can deposit the number of coins required or above to our pool, and you will receive a share of the staking rewards based on the percentage of the pool you hold. This is the nature of Proof of Stake and not under our control. You can check the coin explorers for rewards and check everything there: our pool is 100% transparent.

3. Can I send BTC to the wallet given to the stake coins?

No, you have to send the correct coins to the addresses; we do not offer an exchange.

4. Where is the address to send to?

You will find your personal deposit address under the Deposit tab after you log in to your account.

5. Where can I make a deposit?

You can make deposits at any time and the coins will be added to your balance automatically. Please space deposits for the same coin out and leave at least 1 hour between deposits of the same coin.

6. Can I add more coins, or can I only deposit once?

You can deposit as many times as you like. All deposits will count towards your total balance and your share of the pool increases with each reward or deposit.

7. Can I transfer from an exchange directly to the pool or to my Desktop Wallet first and then to the pool?

You can send from any wallet to our pool, from exchanges and from personal wallets. Please do not send from shared masternode services or faucets to our pool directly, this will cause technical problems. Please collect these transactions in a personal wallet and send them from there to our pool.

8. What is a shared masternode?

A masternode is a feature of many blockchains which requires a certain amount of coins to be locked. The masternode will then validate transactions on the network and increase the networks stability. As a masternode can be very expensive, we offer shared masternodes where you can temporarily put your coins into a masternode. As long as your coins are in the masternode you will receive masternode rewards which are more frequent and often higher than staking rewards.

9. How do I participate in a shared masternode?

The first thing you have to do is make a deposit. You can get your personal deposit address in the Deposit tab of your account page and send coins there. After that you can visit the Masternode tab and see the Available Masternodes. If there are currently no masternodes available for the coin you hold, please wait for us to add new ones. We add new masternodes regularly as long as the total masternode worth is over 500$.

10. Will I lose the coins I put into the shared masternode?

No, you can cancel your participation in a shared masternode at any time. Depending on demand and pool balances your cancellation can be either instantaneous or take a few hours. Your coins will then return to your staking balance.

11. Where can I find information about shared masternode coins?

A good source is which lists information for almost all the coins we have shared masternodes for.

12. Are there any requirements to participate in a shared masternode?

Yes, there are different slot sizes for each coin. You need 250 DEV for 1 slot in a shared DEV masternode, for example. You can find the information for each masternode in the Masternode section of your account website.

13. What happens to the rewards I get from a shared masternode?

The rewards will be added to your account balance. You can leave them there to have them stake (if the coin also allows staking), or you can request a withdrawal at any time.

14. What are the fees for shared masternodes?

The fee for participating in a shared masternode is 15% of each reward. The fees will be used to maintain the server infrastructure and the masternode hosting systems.

15. Will you always add more masternodes for each coin?

We will be adding new masternodes for a coin as long as the total masternode value is higher than 500$. You can check that on, for example.

16. How long does it take to receive the first reward after joining a shared masternode?

When you book a masternode slot you will see if the masternode is either Pending or Active. If the masternode is pending, then you will not receive rewards until it has been started. After a masternode is started it takes approximately 3 times the average reward frequency for it to get the first reward. You can see this frequency on

17. Can I cancel my participation in a shared masternode?

You can cancel your participation at any times. For masternodes that have been in our system for a longer time and where we have a high demand, the cancellation will be processed immediately. For newer coins or coins with a lower demand it may take a few hours before your request can be approved. This is necessary to maintain the masternode collateral.

18. When can I make a withdrawal?

You can request withdrawals at any time. Your request will be pending in your account until it is processed, which happens once per week. This delay is necessary to not disturb staking inputs.

19. Can I use an exchange as my return address?

You can request a withdrawal to any address, personal wallet or exchange wallet. Withdrawals to other pool addresses are not supported. Please use a personal or exchange wallet as an intermediate step if you want to do that.

20. How do I check on my coins?

All coin balances, deposits, withdrawals and rewards are logged in your personal history in your account.

21. When a pool stakes, will the reward go back to my wallet?

The rewards will be added to your account balance and increase your staking balances automatically.

22. Is there any need to keep my wallet open if I send coins over to the pool?

No, this is one of the main benefits of staking in a pool. Deposit your coins and check on them as often as you like, but you don’t need to keep the website open or the computer running.

23. What do I have to do in order to be able to earn referral commissions?

You can share your personal invite link with others and when they register over your link they become your affiliates and you will receive a share of the fees they pay to our service. You can find your personal invite link on top of the Home page in your account. There are currently 4 affiliate levels and you will earn 3% of the fees a level 1 affiliate pays, 1% of a level 2 affiliate, .5% of a level 3 affiliate and .5% of a level 4 affiliate.

24. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch with our support.

The fasted way to find answers to your questions is to join our Discord server, which you can also find inside your account or over this link.